About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Munimentum Group is committed to developing higher quality standards in the security industry; delivering the best service in the areas of safety and security; and growing to be a renowned national and international security organization which is continuously expanding its area of operations. As the undisputed leader in the security industry and first choice in the Dutch market, we offer an unprecedented experience when it comes to the safety of our clients and their assets.

Our Core Values

The specialist backgrounds of the Munimentum Group security staff ensure the right knowledge and expertise in various areas of safety and security. “Focus on your strengths.” is our motto. That is why Munimentum Group has strengthened itself in recent years with specialist employees and partners. This makes us exceptionally strong in the area of safety and security.

Trust is one of the most important aspects in life and even more so in the security industry. Personal and professional information provided by the client is handled with the utmost care and discretion by the Munimentum security staff.

We respect our industry, our clients, and our principals: this is our starting point. We stand for quality and will do anything to uphold this high level of performance.

Apart from our keen eye for safety and security, we are also very involved with our clients. Personal wishes, preferences, and important details are held in high regard and we make sure our principals not only enjoy a high level of safety and security, but also an overall experience.

We value the overall security effort for our clients and the personal connection. It is important our clients are matched with the right specialists, so information can be obtained, and needs fulfilled, in a fast and efficient manner.

Knowledge and expertise enable us to provide a very high level of quality service. In addition to their personal credentials, employees undergo a training and education program internally with Munimentum. We aim to continuously improve the security process.

Security goes further than just managing your safety. Hospitality is also an important element of our work and aspect of our internal education and training programs. Our employees demonstrate high class appearance, attitude, and communication skills with clients and guests.